Who's ready for a nap?

Credit: Hypnos/Kickstarter

Personally, I'm one of those people who can literally fall asleep anywhere. While friends may complain they can't doze off on an airplane, I'm knocked out from wheels up to wheels down. But my snoozing would be so much more peaceful if I had an inflatable pillow sewn into my clothing.

Wah-lah—the answer to my prayers is here.

A clothing brand called Hypnos wants to produce a line of super cozy sleep hoodies that actually has an inflatable pillow inside each hood.

A sweatshirt that's also a pillow? This is like the double-whammy of perfection!

Hypnos founder Josh Woodle created a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the money for production and I have excellent news—they met their goal! Hypnos hoodies are expected to become available in March 2016.

Until then I guess I'll just have to nap the old-fashioned way—with a pillow that isn't fully integrated into my clothing.