Her work goes way beyond perfecting the red lip.

By Kelly Bryant, MIMIchatter.com
Updated September 08, 2015

At first glance beauty vlogger Reshma's makeup tutorial might look like any other as she sits in a pale pink room decorated with all kinds of pretty, girly trimmings. But she was the victim of a 2014 sulfuric acid attack in Northern India and her real purpose is to promote the Make Love Not Scars campaign.

The vicious assault caused Reshma to lose one eye, with the other infected and left partially closed. Burns have disfigured much of her face. There are an estimated 1,000 incidents like this happening in India annually and 90 percent of them involve women, according to a BBC report.

The Make Love Not Scars petition's purpose is simple – to stop the sales of over-the-counter acid. The chemical apparently costs just as much as a tube of lipstick (that would be $1.50 US) and is just as easy to obtain.

Watch her red lip tutorial and learn more about this incredibly important cause.