Heart. Exploding.

By Kelly Bryant, MIMIchatter.com
February 04, 2016

You may feel like if you've seen every hair tutorial around, but the how-to video Pantene just released as part of their "Strong is Beautiful" initiative is one for the record, errr, play books.

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NFL Dads like New Orleans Saints' Benjamin Watson, Pittsburg Steelers' DeAngelo Williams, and Dallas Cowboys' Jason Witten try their hands at doing their daughters' hair and it's pretty much the sweetest thing we've ever seen. The little girls are very encouraging as dad tries to braid and wrangle their strands. And we get to see a much softer side of the athletes as they tend to their kiddos.

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According to Pantene, research shows that quality time spent with dads plays a major role in helping the girls feel more self-confident, self-reliant, and successful in school and career. That's why the brand is encourage proud papas to try the #DadDo, even providing tutorials as the big guys in the videos create adorable looks for their littles.

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Personally, we think Williams may have the most skilled hands when it comes to doing hair, perfecting not one but two styles on his daughters. But all of the dads are MVPs in our book.

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