Yes, you get electrocuted.


When Thomas Harris created the character of Hannibal Lecter, I highly doubt he imagined the forensic psychiatrist/cannibalistic serial killer would ever have a facial named after him! Officially called the IDERM Galvanic Treatment, one thing is for sure — Harris would totally approve of how renowned Skincare Guru, Marianne Kehoe, represents his infamous character at her Los Angeles-based skin spa, MK Skin Studio.

There were no fava beans or Chianti in sight when I arrived for my appointment — phew! — though I somehow seem to have missed a couple of her top celebrity clients, Jeremy Scott and Eli Roth, by just one day. I'll admit, I was a little hesitant to get electrocuted in the name of beauty, but I'm always down for anything and knew I'd be fresh faced and beautiful after my facial.

So, what exactly does the Hannibal Lecter facial consist of? Marianne started the treatment by cleaning my face with a gentle cleanser. It was extremely relaxing and I could feel all the impurities and the stress of my week wash away.


Next she placed surgical cotton — which had been soaking in a yucca root solution — before putting a dry heat dome over everything. Marianne explained that the 10-minute soak would prepare me for the extraction process, which she does in a rolling method.


At this point — and this might shock you — I had surgical cotton that had been soaked in vitamin mineral solution placed all over my face along with electrode pads. That's when Marianne cranked up the IDERM machine to deliver what she calls "an even flow of low amperage galvanic current." Yes people, meaning an electrical current.

In the beginning, she turned it up to where I could feel some tingling on my face, then slowly lowered it down to a comfortable, almost unnoticeable level.


Thanks to the vitamins from the solution, my pores got flushed of impurities and the galvanic machine helped firm and tighten my skin. This treatment is known for boosting collagen production, so forget a facelift or Botox ladies — this is all you need!

When Marianne was all done, she removed the bandages and a creepy mask was left behind that resembled that of Dr. Lecter.


Yes, that part's pretty creepy, but when I looked in the mirror, my skin was so smooth and radiant. Marianne mentioned that many celebrities like getting this done before a big event or red carpet since it leaves your skin looking flawless, and seeing how my skin has held up even after leaving the studio, I could not agree more.

The IDERM Galvanic Treatment Facial starts at $120 at MK Skin Studio.

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