From DIY skincare to quick hair hacks, these clever shortcuts will save you both time and money.
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TikTok has proven to be a lot more than an outlet for goofy pranks and viral dance videos. We've noticed a steady uptick in short how-to clips that provide solid and usable advice—especially beauty advice. Under the handy hashtag #beautyhacks, thousands of videos offer brilliantly creaative tips and tutorials for some of the most common skin, hair, and makeup-related issues. From DIY skincare to quick hair solutions, these get our vote as the 10 most innovative TikTok beauty hack clips.

How to make your own lip gloss

You're down to the last bit of your favorite lip shade—yet you lack the funds or time to buy a replacement? This quick DIY fix should do the trick, and you probably already have the ingredients in your bathroom. Just carve out a piece of an eyeshadow in a similar shade, then blend it into a dab of petroleum jelly.

TikTok Beauty Hack-How to Make Your Own Lip Gloss

How to depuff your eyes

Getting a facial at a salon is nice and all, but this quick hack from @claireashleybeauty shows you how to be your own facialist at home. Claire starts by putting cold spoons underneath her eyes, then applies Honest Beauty's Depuff Eye Gel ($16, and finishes the routine with Pixi's DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches ($24,

TikTok Beauty Hack- Depuff Eyes

How to get a flawless eyeshadow crease

Achieving that polished eye look can be tricky, but this hack from @holabonitaa is truly genius. If you use fake eyelashes, cut out the plastic semicircle that holds each lash and apply your base shadow to it. Stamp the look above your eye, and voila! The perfect shadow crease.

TikTok Beauty Hack-Eyeshadow

How to curl your hair with a heating pole

This hot iron hack is the hilarious (yet brilliant) solution for when you're away from home without a curling iron. User @szbdorinka proved that a radiator pole is the perfect alternative, and her frizz-free curl is proof.

TikTok Beauty Hack-Hair Curler

How to get red-carpet-ready hair, sans glam squad

After putting her hair in a high ponytail, User @mianalauren bobby-pins her bangs to create an elegant side bang. She then wraps a tiny piece of hair around the base of her ponytail to hide her hair tie, and completes the look with a few sprays of AIIR Flexible Hold AIIR Spray ($32; Look out, Ariana Grande.

TikTok Beauty Hacks-Ponytail

How to make your lips look bigger

Kylie Jenner has made plump lips super popular. But because we're not all billionaires, there's an easier way to make your lips look bigger without breaking the bank. User @kerifay demonstrates the look in this short clip, where she over-lines the cupid's bow and the center of the bottom lip and then evenly lines the inner corners. Next she applies lipstick to her entire pout before adding a lighter shade in the center of her bottom lip.

TikTok Beauty Hacks-Bigger Lips

How to create your own DIY toner

Toner is one skincare essential that can help you achieve smooth, blemish-free skin. And there's actually a natural toner you can make in your kitchen. User @arremsdaytoday mixes three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, three tablespoons of water, and two drops of lavender oil to create her own skin routine must-have.

How to make a hair mask with one ingredient

Sure, scanning the aisles at Ulta for a hair product can be fun, but there's an at-home alternative to giving your hair the hydration it needs. To get that healthy, hair mask texture, user rubs coconut oil into wet hair, then washes hair with shampoo twice. She suggests repeating the process twice each month.

TikTok Beauty Hack- Coconut Oil Hair Mask

How to make your ponytail look longer

There's no quick solution to getting longer hair (besides extensions). But you can make locks look like you're growing them out. A tip from @beautyhacks demonstrated how to split your hair into two sections on top of each other. By tying a ponytail around each section and covering the lower hair tie with the top ponytail, you'll fool everyone into thinking that your hair is growing overnight.

TikTok Beauty Hacks- Longer Ponytail

How to keep your makeup fresh while wearing a hat

User @makeup_emalii shared the ultimate winter hack by proving you can wear a white hat and keep your makeup from wearing away. In her video, she places a plastic sandwich bag on her head, allowing part of the plastic to cover her forehead. Hide the bag with a hat, and you've got yourself an untouched facial glow and a foundation-free hat.

TikTok Beauty Hack- Makeup on Hat

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