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IstockphotoFrom Health magazine
Q: Ive recently noticed women at my salon getting scalp treatments. Do they really do anything?

A: Absolutely. Theres nothing like a good scalp massage to melt away tension—and the benefits of these treatments extend far beyond relaxation. Scalp treatments unclog the hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oils. Plus, they stimulate blood flow, so nutrients can better reach the scalp and nourish your hair.

You can even give yourself one at home. Begin with a shampoo and/or conditioner rich in clay—which acts as a sponge, absorbing grime—and soothers like tea tree oil and rosemary, all of which help
with itching. Exfoliation is step 2: Use a fine-tooth comb or a brush with flexible rubber bristles to loosen buildup. Wash hair clean, and then slowly massage a clay-based mask into your scalp; I like Molto Bene Clay Esthe Pack ($32). Slip on a plastic shower cap to help the ingredients penetrate. Rinse after 15 minutes. Your scalp will feel fresher, and your hair will look glossier too.