It's nicknamed "Botox in the jar."

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The fountain of youth has been the basis of lore, myths, and philosophical musings for thousands of years. According to legend, its allure even led to the first European expedition to Florida. But we’re no closer to finding this mythological source of adolescence in 2020 than Juan Ponce de León. 

Instead, we have science and the discovery of powerful anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and argireline. And if you’re not familiar with that last one, your skincare routine is about to get a major upgrade. It’s a short chain peptide that prevents the formation of skin lines and wrinkles by blocking the transmission of signals from the nerves to muscles, sort of like Botox without the injections. 

While plenty of products incorporate the anti-aging staple into their formulas, only one puts it at the center: The Ordinary’s Argireline Solution ($8; The lightweight, topical serum is applied around the eyes and forehead twice a day to improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines for a smoother complexion—and shoppers say it actually works. 

“This is truly a miracle solution,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I’ve recently become obsessed with The Ordinary as a whole and have gotten friends and family [hooked] on the fantastic products. This one in particular is unbelievable! It’s literally gotten rid of my forehead lines and has made all my creases less noticeable.”

Another agreed: “I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic this product is, but it smooths and plumps my skin and erases my lines and wrinkles. I love the immediate effects so far! Even my male friend uses it for his eyes and forehead!”

THE ORDINARY Argireline Solution 10%
Credit: Sephora

Despite earning a reputation as a product that *actually* works, it still boasts a clean formula. It’s crafted with just 10 ingredients and avoids unwanted additions like parabens, sulfates, or mineral oil. As a result, the topical solution is safe for all skin types including sensitive and oily complexions.

Even better? The popular serum is a fraction of the cost of a trip to the dermatologist’s office for Botox. No wonder it’s already accumulated more than 15,000 “loves” from Sephora’s beauty-obsessed community. One reviewer clearly had it right when she declared this anti-aging pick a “fountain of youth” in a bottle—and she didn’t even have to go to Florida.

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