Anyone who thought the short hair trend wouldn't last has been proven very wrong.

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Credit: Adele, Middleton: Getty Images; Ciara: Instagram

Anyone who thought that the short hair trend wouldn't last has been proven very wrong. More and more of our favorite celebs are making the chop, and their stylish new cuts are giving us serious hair envy. We spoke with Jenny Cho, a celebrity stylist from Suave Professionals, to find out how to style some of the most popular short looks. Here, four of the latest celebs to join the short hair club, plus tips from Cho on how to determine if their cut will flatter your face.

The Layered Lob

Who should get it: Because the shorter length and blunt ends of a layered lob add volume and body, this style works especially well on anyone with fine hair, says Cho. Those with curly hair, though, should avoid adding layers, since short pieces will coil up and overwhelm your face instead of flattering it. This cut is also extremely flattering on anyone with a more square-shaped face.

How to style it: Loose waves are your friend. Start by applying a volumizing spray at the roots (we like Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, $29 at and then blow dry with a round brush. Next, separate hair into two-inch sections. Spritz each section with hairspray (we like Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray, $10 at and use a large barrel curling iron to add waves. As you release each wave, gently stretch hair while it’s still hot to create a loose texture. Finish with another blast of hairspray and comb through, then muss the waves with your hands for an unfinished look.



Who should get it: This length is perfect for someone who wants the look of long hair, with the ease of shorter locks. A bouncy blowout helps keep the look youthful, but the shorter cut screams "sophisticated." Another bonus: This versatile style looks great on almost every face shape. If your hair tends to lie flat no matter how much hairspray you use, you might want to also consider bangs—they add instant fullness, especially with shoulder-length hair like Kate Middleton's.

How to style it: Not everyone has a hairdresser on hand like Middleton does, but that doesn't mean you can't master the bouncy blowout at home. Emphasize hair’s natural movement by starting with a volumizing styling product on damp hair (we like Living Proof Full Thickening Cream, $26 at Apply at the roots and then blow dry with fingers for tousled texture. After styling with a wide barrel curling iron, break up tighter curls with a flat iron, focusing on the ends. Add a blast of dry shampoo to loosen up the waves and add grit (we like Toni & Guy Matt Texture Dry Shampoo, $15 at


Lob with Long Bangs

Who should get it: Long live the fringe! This style works well on all hair types. Not only do bangs help frame the face and hide the appearance of a wider forehead, they can also create the illusion of volume. Someone with a longer, oval face shape will look great with a lob that has fringe.

How to style it: Having bangs comes with responsibility—it takes a little practice before styling them becomes second nature. Because hair is finest in this area, you should avoid using any product on bangs (the fine hair absorbs product faster and can turn oily if you sweat). Instead, apply a few drops of SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Serum ($11; from mid-shaft to ends, then blow dry with a round brush. If your hair texture is cooperative, an effective technique is to use your fingers to dry and manipulate your strands while using the blow dryer. Once you're done, you can smooth a straightener over hair if you're after a more sleek look.


The Textured Bob

Who should get it: If you have an oval-shaped face like Emma Watson, this is the cut for you. You can go short or experiment with different parts and layers—they'll all compliment your face, says Cho. If your face shape is different though, the good news is that you can still try the cut with a few modifications. Cho suggests the following: For a heart-shaped face, add a side part and side-swept fringe to minimize your forehead; for a round face, keep layers on the sides longer; and for a square face, try an off-center part with face-framing layers at the chin.

How to style it: One of the reasons this look has gained such traction is that it creates incredible texture. After washing hair, build body by applying mousse generously throughout strands (we like Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Soufflé Mousse, $5 at and then blow dry. Next, using a flatiron, start at the top of the hair shaft and rotate your wrist front to back as you move down to create bends. This will form ‘S’ waves, which are flattering on this style. Stop short at the ends, leaving them straight. For shorter hair, the key is to start higher up at the root and to rotate the iron just a few times.