By Jennifer Goldstein
Updated March 06, 2013

How to find the perfect wear-with-anything shade.

Neutral nail polish does what trendy shades like teal cant: It looks clean and pretty, matches every outfit, and makes chips less noticeable.

Plus, says Nonie Creme, the creative director of butter London, “The right nude can tone down ruddiness and makes your fingers look long and slender.” Heres how to find your best pick.

  • Fair
  • Most women with fair skin have red undertones. To counteract that redness, try a creamy or opalescent beige. “Many fair-skinned women reach for pale pink, but that can make your hands look ruddy,” Creme says.
  • Try: Revlon Nail Enamel in Sheer Nude ($4.79; drugstores)

Whether you have light-medium skin or medium-dark skin, you typically have golden undertones. Your best options? Sheer French pinks or shimmery pale pinks. “The cool undertones cancel out the yellowness in your skin, so it doesnt look sallow,” Creme says.
Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Otherwise Engaged ($8.50; Ulta)

  • Dark
  • Dark skin also has a bit of a red undertone. “You want to play that up because its what gives your skin a warm, rich glow,” Creme says. Instead of choosing a cool, ashy brown, reach for a warm copper or deep caramel nail polish shade.
  • Try: Essie Polish in Over the Knee ($9;