Are you looking for a great new eyelash curler? As a beauty editor, I've tested many different versions: ones that look like an ice-cream scoop, ones that look like little tweezers, and ones that look like they belong in my gynecologist's office.

Many of these lash curlers appear different but in the end they all have one thing in common: they hurt! Some lash-curling experiences have been so painful they've prompted me to eliminate this important step from my beauty routine. But as any great makeup artist will tell you, curling your lashes is an easy way to take years off your face and make you look instantly awake.

So I was thrilled to discover a lash curler that not only works, but is easy to use. It comes to the U.S. from my French friend, celebrity makeup artist Laura Mercier. Called the Lift and Curl, this little beauty tool is a tad bigger than a quarter and is perfectly shaped to fit over your lash line. You simply rest your lashes on the cushiony pad and gently push down on the little lever. There's little risk of a painful mistake.

I love that it comes with a replacement pad for when the cushion wears down (remember, always curl before applying mascara) and that you can put it under running warm water to clean it. You'll have to wait a bit (it's available in October at but I strongly suggest you put it at the top of your beauty buy list this fall. After trying it, why dont you email me your thoughts at