Im the type of girl whos always looking for fast and easy beauty solutions, especially when it comes to the hair on my legs. I dont have the time to get my legs waxed, depilatory creams are simply too messy, and spending money on pricey laser-hair-removal treatments seems rather ridiculous given the state of our economy.

Hand me a good ol' razor, and Im one happy and hairless girl. Normally, Ill just buy the jumbo pack filled with no frill, cheap-looking razors to get me through the summer. But I guess you get what you pay for (or dont pay for, in this case): I almost always end up with a nick or cut, never a super-smooth shave.

Which is why I was thrilled to discover Gillettes new Spa Breeze Venus disposable razor. Unlike most disposables, it has a triple blade (so it catches hairs that a double or single blade might miss). It also has these two little bars surrounding the blade that dispense a moisturizing cream (one less step to worry about). These bars actually flex—something you dont often see with a disposable—so they make their way around knees and ankles with ease. The people who created the razor boast that the shaving cream is infused with white tea “to indulge the senses.” A nice idea, but after a few sniff tests I cant say I picked up much of a scent.

Sold in most drugstores, two of these great-looking razors (with their modern-looking design and blush-pink handle) will cost you $6.49. Yes, more expensive than your traditional disposable, but I can honestly say Ive been using the same razor daily for the last three weeks and its still going strong.