We debunked the most common misconceptions that come along with most oil-based products.
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There has been a lot of literature thrown around concerning hair oils. Every person has a different favorite product... and a different apprehension. To get my facts straight, I tapped beloved hair-care brand Shu Uemura to explain exactly what hair oils are, how they work, and why they should remain an integral part of my beauty routine. Below, we debunk the most common misconceptions that come along with most oil-based products.

1. Hair oils are heavy.

Not all oils are created equal. While some oil products sit on top of the hair, products with camelia oil rapidly absorb into the hair fiber thanks to its high concentration of lipids and minerals that work to protect and hydrate the hair.

2. Hair oil will make your hair look greasy.

A little goes a long way. Only a pea-sized amount of oil is needed. And remember, oil should only be used on mid-lengths to ends, NEVER roots.

3. Oil should be used on second day hair.

Oils are a great way to revive second day hair—they work to smooth frizz and hydrate ends, as well as banish dullness by refreshing shine and adding a hint of fragrance. Just make sure you avoid applying to the roots which can make hair look greasy.

4. Oil should only be applied to wet hair.

Oils actually have many different uses. In addition to being a great styling aid, they can be applied to dry hair to add shine, tame frizz and flyaways, and also make a great pre-shampoo treatment for extra conditioning when applied to dry hair before washing. For extra nourishment, apply to dry hair at night from mid-lengths through ends and massage into the scalp. Leave on overnight and wash normally in the morning.

5. Hair oils are all the same.

From argan and almond to coconut and camelia, hair oils have come a long way in the past few years and there are many different kinds to choose from. When it comes to hair, the most important thing is to choose an oil that is easily absorbed so it doesn't weigh hair down.

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