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Nail the coveted 'I woke up like this' look with the help of top-rated texturizing sprays.

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I first discovered texturizing spray when I chopped several inches off my hair, transforming it from a stringy, limp mane to a fun, sophisticated lob. At the end of my appointment, my stylist spritzed Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray onto my roots and ends to give my locks a messy, piece-y look. The result? Instant sex hair in a can. I willingly forked over my credit card to purchase a bottle and have never looked back.

Nailing messy-yet-groomed hair that moves—but doesn't feel crunchy or stiff—is a style many of us are after. And believe it or not, it also takes very little effort, thanks to texturizing sprays.

Dry texture sprays do exactly what they advertise: add texture to your hair. In addition to creating definition, some texturizing sprays also zap oil from roots (doubling as dry shampoo) and deliver the hold of hairspray without the stiffness. What else could you want for your locks? 

We asked professional stylists and hair gurus to share their favorite sprays that boost texture and give you model-off-duty waves. With one shake of the bottle and a few sprays, you'll have gorgeous, tousled hair in seconds.

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