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#Hairgoals, anyone? Learn how to style a textured bob and give your locks the It factor with secrets from celebrity stylist Riawna Capri. (Hint: The messier, the better!)

Riawna Capri knows good hair. The celebrity stylist is a co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles and co-founder of BeautyCoach, a blog that offers beauty and wellness tips and how-tos. She also has an impressive client list that includes Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts, and Arielle Vandenberg. So when it comes to achieving the textured bob—which is easily the most popular cut of the year—Capri has some advice.


When you're at the salon, Capri suggests instructing your hairstylist not to give you too blunt of a cut. "If you have that Vidal Sasson blunt bob, your hair won't look like Demi Lovato's or Julianne Hough's," she says. "The textured bob is the opposite of that. It's deconstructed and uneven in places, with a method of madness. It has balance and structure even if the pieces don't connect perfectly."


What makes textured bobs so unique, Capri explains, is that the bangs are actually one of the longest pieces of hair, with shorter pieces floating around. "Before I finish cutting, I'll grab six to eight pieces around the top of the head and cut them two inches shorter," she says. When cutting a textured bob on one of her clients, Capri will grab six to eight random pieces around the top of the head and cut them two inches shorter to achieve that effect.


And if you're worried that you won't be able to throw your hair up into a pony with this cut, be reassured that there are other options. "There's so much you can do with short hair, even an updo," says Capri. "With a mini elastic, tie the short pieces by the neck into a small pony, then bobby pin that up."

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