We know you don't need one, but here's yet another reason to go to Target.

By Lisa DeSantis
January 22, 2018
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It's already impossible to go to Target for just one thing, and now they're making it even harder to leave the store without a full cart.The retailer's newest launch? An exclusive line of fragrances called Good Chemistry. Plus, knowing how difficult it can be to find the perfect fragrance (and how expensive they can be), we love that this line is all under $25, and there are different scents and formulas to make it easier to find the right one for you.

Target Good Chemistry Fragrances Rollerballs

To buy: From $10; target.com

The line includes four collections that each have four scents. Named after different personality types, there is Confident & Charming, Good & Grounded, Vibrant & Playful and Cool & Collected.With Confident & Charming, you can expect to find romantic notes like gardenia palm and vanilla orchid and packaging to match (think gold caps and floral labels). If you're into fruity scents, you might prefer the Good & Grounded Line. Vibrant & Playful is exactly what you would expect, with multicolor printed patterns on each bottle and fun scent names like Braniac, Day Dreamer, Queen Bee, and Wild Child.Lastly, Cool & Collected is for that chill girl who probably spends her weekends at a chic beach house—there are woody notes and fragrances called Silver Coast and Cool Glacier.

Target Good Chemistry Fragrances Cool & Collected

The line makes it easy to love with its offering of vegan and paraben-free essential oils. Body mists start at $10, rollerballs at $13, and 1.7 oz. fragrances at $25. I'm a fan of the Mineral Desert rollerball ($13; target.com); the price can't be beat and it's described as "elusive + smooth with mysterious intentions." And who wouldn't want that?