When it comes to exfoliating your chapped winter lips, the Coco Rose Lip Polish sugar scrub works wonders.

By Kathleen Felton
Updated December 15, 2016
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I know what you're thinking: Between lipstick, tinted lip balm, and regular lip balm, you already own plenty of lip treatments. I was like you too, once. When I received Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Lip Polish ($18; sephora.com) in a gift bag, I thought, "I seriously do not need one more lip-related product rolling around in the bottom of my purse." I almost gave it away, which would have been good news for my mom or whichever of my friends was the lucky recipient, but bad news for me, because this stuff is incredible.

I have tried lip scrubs in the past and even DIY'ed my own with sugar and olive oil, but none have worked quite as well as the Coco Rose Lip Polish, which is all-natural and made with sugar, rose, coconut oil, Shea butter, and vitamin E. To use, put a tiny amount of the polish on your finger and gently massage into your lips (during which time I usually have to concentrate on not accidentally swallowing the sugar). Let it sit for a minute, then rinse off with warm water. The result? Super-smooth, exfoliated lips that I swear look slightly fuller.

As a bonus, the scrub has been especially helpful in the winter. In the past when my lips were chapped (usually every single day from November until March), I'd apply countless layers of Chapstick in an attempt to heal the peeling, angry skin. But this polish has worked wonders and proven much more effective at actually removing dead skin, leaving behind a smooth, flawless canvas. I've been using it at night and then following with a hydrating lip balm or just before I apply lipstick.