When Britney Spears recently debuted her new chin-length bob, some beauty and fashion sites dubbed it a "mom bob." And they didn't mean it as a compliment.

By Lisa Lombardi
September 26, 2014
Getty Images

When Britney Spears recently debuted her new chin-length bob, some beauty and fashion sites dubbed it a "mom bob." And they didn't mean it as a compliment.

This Mom wants to know: What's so bad about having Mom hair? Come to think of it, when did "Mom___" (jeans, shoes, bag) become acceptable shorthand for frumpy? I don't need to tick off for you all the incredibly stylish moms out there, but I will anyway: Michelle Obama, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Marge Simpson, this list is endless. And they all have rocking hair, especially Marge, whose blue bouffant is gravity-defyingly awesome.

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Of course, when a young star chops her hair into a bob, it's held up as a bold move. So brave, to try a suburban lady cut and see if you still look gorgeous.

I'll admit it, maybe I'm a wee bit defensive because I now have shoes in my closet that might be deemed Mom shoes (thank you Clarks for providing a pillow in a sandal), a puffy coat that looks rather like a sleeping bag (especially if you're 5 feet tall) and a favorite pair of jeans that is definitely more stretch than denim.

But on behalf of all my "Mom" sisters out there, I'd like to say: Find another way to say meh. The moms I know are fabulous.

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