All hail the non-glamorous beauty rituals.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated November 20, 2015
Credit: Instagram

With many of social media's elite hopping on the truth train these days, model and blogger Stina Sanders was prompted to start sharing some of her own less-than-fabulous moments from her everyday life.

Instead of the usual glamour shots of the kind of life we imagine in our dreams, followers were treated to images of Sanders' chipped pedicure, donning hair removal cream on her upper lip in the shower, and even a rather unflattering shot as she prepares for a colonic (eeks). Sanders' change of focus on her account led to some really interesting results.

For starters, she told People she lost thousands of followers, which seems pretty crazy considering how often social media users bash the unrealistic photos of the platform's biggest stars. But there is something positive that has come out of Sanders' redirection—positive and encouraging comments. You see, 2,000 people may have jumped ship, but those that stayed have had a lot of wonderful things to say about her unfiltered posts.

We think this pretty much solidifies that whole "quality over quantity" idea.

But, fear not, Sanders is beginning to pick up new followers and may be back to her old numbers in no time.

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