As she prepares to say "I do" to Joe Manganiello, here's her beauty advice for all the other soon-to-be-wed women out there.

By Chelsea Burns
Updated July 07, 2015

As Sofia Vergara prepares to say "I do" to Joe Manganiello, she's sharing her wedding-planning advice with the world. On the set of her new CoverGirl ad campaign shoot, Vergara gave People a "very important makeup tip for the girls [who] are getting married soon." Here's what she had to say about looking your best on the big day:

“I think sometimes we overthink it because it’s a very special occasion and we want to have everything perfect," Vergara told People. "With makeup, sometimes people exaggerate a little bit or make it too different because they want to do more. Sometimes, it makes it look like it’s not you and when you see the pictures you’re like, ‘Oh, what happened to me?’"

Her bottom line: "[I] think it’s better to keep yourself looking fresh in the makeup that you’ve always liked and be you.”

Considering Vergara's staple glam look, we were expecting a tutorial on getting the perfect red lip or contoured cheekbones. Instead, the bombshell's advising that we embrace our natural beauty? Done and done. Thanks, Sofia!