Here's Why This Low-Key Drugstore Sunscreen Is Blowing Up on TikTok

Did we mention it’s only $6?

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Lately, it seems the online skincare community has become more obsessed with sunscreen than ever. Yet that discourse often excludes those with darker skin, simply because many of the affordable SPFs promoted by influencers can leave a chalky white cast on all but the palest complexions.

According to TikTok user @theskincaregeek, the perfect SPF for dark skin tones has been hiding in plain sight for years. His review of the Eucerin Daily Hydration Cream with SPF 30 ($6 with coupon, was $11; went viral for proving that hydrating, cast-free sunscreen doesn't have to be expensive.

In the video, @theskincaregeek applies a quarter teaspoon of the product to his face, noting that its rich texture easily melts into skin without leaving residue. If viewers are skeptical, all the proof they need is in front of the camera: After putting on the Daily Hydration Cream, his face continues to glow, and it even appears extra moisturized.

Others rushed to try the sunscreen in the days that followed. Almost two weeks after the initial video was uploaded, TikTok is full of clips showing users of nearly every skin tone applying the cream, and just about all of them echo the original claims of a sheer, dewy finish.

The secret to the Daily Hydration Cream's non-chalky texture comes down to its molecular composition. It's a chemical sunscreen, meaning it contains compounds that absorb UV rays. Those compounds make it lighter and easier to blend than most mineral sunscreens, which use ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to block rays rather than absorbing them.

The cream is also full of hydrating ingredients like sunflower oil, which is non-irritating and won't clog pores, and provitamin B5, a vitamin that protects skin's natural barrier and helps retain moisture. Some TikTok users say it leaves their skin feeling more nourishing than their usual moisturizer.

Amazon shoppers have given this sunscreen more than 2,600 five-star ratings. Reviewers love that it rubs in like a typical lotion. "I wish I had known about this sooner! It doesn't feel like sunscreen at all; it just feels like a nice hydrating lotion," one wrote. "Not too heavy or greasy and after just a few minutes it doesn't feel like I have anything on at all, but my skin remains nice and hydrated."

"[This is] the best SPF, especially if you're dark-skinned, because it leaves no white cast," said another. "If you wear makeup like I do almost every day and you don't feel like wearing a moisturizer and then sunscreen, this is the product for that."

Eucerin Daily Hydration Body Cream with SPF 30

To buy: Eucerin Daily Hydration Cream with SPF 30, $6 with coupon (was $11);

The Eucerin Daily Hydration Cream with SPF 30 is temporarily out of stock on Amazon, but if you order it now, it will ship by March 24. Based on its rave reception, this is one drugstore product you need to test out.

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