This CBD Cream for Pain Stops My Hand Swelling and Cramping in Its Tracks

It’s full of skin-nourishing ingredients, too.

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This CBD-Infused Body Cream Is the Only Skincare Product I Can Confidently Say Has Changed My Life

Sometime last year, my hands decided to revolt against me. Several times a week, my thumbs would unexpectedly lock into place, my fingers would swell, and pain would shoot from my wrists to my fingertips. Being a writer, this was not ideal. Typing suddenly became excruciating and even everyday tasks like washing the dishes or opening a jar were next to impossible. I could never predict when it would happen and began a search for some kind of pain relief to help.

Around the same time, I was introduced to The Feelist. I had heard plenty of friends' and strangers' stories about successfully stopping pain with CBD, but had never found a product I liked. So, when a sleek black tube of The Feelist's CBD-laden Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream waltzed into my hands, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Feelist DO NOT DISTURB Extra Strength Body Cream
The Feelist

To buy: The Feelist Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream, $78;

Packed with 500 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD, I slathered it on. Within minutes of applying The Feelist's strongest cream, I could flex, type, and move my fingers without wanting to curl up in a ball on the couch.

Alongside the hemp-derived cannabinoids—which the brand says are anti-inflammatory, sits a slew of other helpful ingredients like shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower seed oil, which together moisturize, reduce irritation, and nourish your skin.

Now, every time I feel the slight twinge of pain starting in my hands, I apply it and have no issues. A year later, it's still working well for me and I've found more uses for it than just hand pain relief.

Feelist Cream
The Feelist

To buy: The Feelist Necessity Hand and Body Cream, $68;

A lot of CBD creams smell overwhelmingly of menthol, which isn't very relaxing and often makes my eyes water. Do Not Disturb has a clean formula with a calming lavender fragrance—nothing that smells overbearing or artificial. Because of the scent and tension-melting CBD, I've found this cream is even useful for my insomnia. Rubbing it into my neck and arms each night helps my muscles chill out and allows me to feel more deeply relaxed.

The Feelist also has its Necessity Hand and Body Cream, a similar formula but with half the amount of CBD (250 milligrams) for a less intense effect. And, if you really want to revel in the CBD goodness, the company even has a bath soak for the ultimate night of self-care and pain relief.

Everybody is different, but I've never found a skincare product that has impacted my life nearly as much as The Feelist's Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream—not to mention I'm a sucker for chic packaging and good scents. Shop it for $78 if you want a moisturizing formula that reduces pain and helps you catch some Zs.

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