This Back Lotion Applicator Makes It Easy to Put on Sunscreen, Moisturizers, and Itch Relief Cream

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A solo beach outing sounds like a perfectly dreamy way to spend the day until you're faced with one problem: How do you properly apply sunscreen to your back without the help of another person? It turns out, there's a tool that can do the job, and it costs just $12. Slick Solutions' back lotion applicator is the secret to properly protecting your skin even when you're on your own.

It couldn't be simpler to use. The slightly curved 17-inch wand has a washable, non-absorbent plastic top that you can pour sunscreen, anti-itch creams, or any other product you'd like to apply directly onto. A rubber grip at its base makes it comfortable to hold the wand as you use it to apply the lotion anywhere you can't reach.

The applicator can be used for any kind of lotion—not just sunscreen, but also pain and itch relief topicals. "I had a cream that needed to be applied to my back. I was having issues reaching my middle back, so I decided to order a lotion applicator," one shopper wrote. "I ordered one with the little rollerballs on it and it just clogged up and wasted the product. Then I found this gem. It applies my lotion efficiently, without waste. I just run under water with antibacterial soap and pat dry with a paper towel to keep it clean."

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Others add that lotion doesn't slide off once it's on the applicator pad, so you don't have to worry about a mess. "It is just the right length and the pad is a great size," another said. "It's small enough to be manageable but big enough that it has good coverage. The texture of the pad is great too, lotion goes on smoothly."

It's especially helpful for people who have injuries that make it hard to reach certain spots on their back, and shoppers with arthritis recommend using it to apply muscle rub.

This back lotion applicator is a budget-friendly tool that may just come in handy more often than you'd expect.

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