This Eva Naturals Serum Is a 'Miracle' for Maskne—and It's Only $15

It’s a witch’s brew of powerhouse skincare ingredients, including vitamin C, salicylic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

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Although face masks are a necessary measure to help slow the spread of coronavirus, the cloth coverings have pitfalls. At the top of the list is maskne, the breakouts caused by the sweat and oil that get trapped under your mask. The pimples are a throwback to puberty—before we understood the importance of washing our faces and the power of topical acne treatments—and they can be attention-grabbing at best, downright painful at worst.

That's why Amazon shoppers are turning to Eva Naturals Skin Clearing Vitamin C Serum ($15; to tackle sudden breakouts like these. Already adored by almost 12,000 reviewers, it's touted as an effective treatment for both minimizing acne and reducing the signs of aging with just one treatment.

A witch's brew of skincare powerhouses—including vitamin C, salicylic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide—the serum hydrates skin, corrects hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of dark spots, and even soothes inflammation to help revive the skin's natural glow. Effective and safe for all skin types, it's become one of Amazon's legendary beauty products and recently earned new acclaim as a solution to maskne.

"A friend recommended this to me when I was complaining about a breakout and the dreaded maskne," wrote one 5-star reviewer. "I've been using this every morning for about 3 weeks and my face has completely transformed. Nearly all of my acne has cleared up and my skin looks smooth and hydrated. All of a sudden, I've got a glow that makes me confident to go without makeup. I will be buying this one again and again."

Another shopper backed the sentiment and called it a "miracle for maskne" before writing: "I am mind blown [by] how well this serum works on my overly sensitive and acne-prone chin. Wearing a mask constantly has given me maskne—and this product has saved my face!"

We know: It sounds too good to be true. That's why we reached out to New York-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, to see if the serum could really be the maskne-clearing savior reviewers raved it could be.

Dr. Zeichner pointed out that although the serum was not registered with the FDA as an acne treatment, the 2% dosage of salicylic acid—a beta hydroxy acid that removes excess oil from the surface of the skin—could be beneficial for oily complexions. He also says ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C, which are contained in the serum, can help keep the pores clear and skin calm.

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To buy: Eva Naturals Skin Clearing Vitamin C Serum, $15;

Of course, Dr. Zeichner has never personally tried the serum and warns that any product that seems too good to be true can be, well, too good to be true, especially when reviewers tout it as everything from life-changing to magical in helping with concerns like soothing painful cystic acne, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and reviving the skin's natural glow. But he was still impressed by the number of powerful ingredients included in the formula, as well as the affordable price point.

And luckily, that budget-friendly price makes trying out the skin-clearing serum a fairly low-risk experiment—especially with the $2-off coupon currently available on Amazon. With more than 12,000 5-star ratings, it's clear the purchase has been worth it for most shoppers.

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