This Pore Vacuum Sucks Away Blackheads to Give You Flawless Skin—and It's Only $24 Until Midnight Tonight

You can thank Amazon Prime Day 2020 for curing your blackheads.
By Susan Brickell
October 14, 2020
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If you're like me and do everything you can for a smooth, clear complexion, blackheads are probably up there when it comes to the bane of your existence. There's nothing like trying to go makeup-free in times of COVID, and have these dotted nuisances take up real estate on your face—and be that much more noticeable, because who is honestly wearing foundation these days? And, if you are wearing makeup (you do you, lady!), it can actually enhance and highlight clogged pores. Is there no way to win?

While I’ve tried various remedies over the years to get rid of blackheads (think: pore strips, exfoliators, face masks, professional treatments and more), nothing has really stuck, and my bank account can't stomach frequent visits to my esthetician for a facial. The good news? While I was scrolling through Amazon on the hunt for the best Prime Day 2020 deals, I came across a skincare product that shoppers swear sucks out gunk from your pores and banishes blackheads for good. Enter: the Lonove Pore Vacuum ($24, was $29;

Credit: AMAZON

To buy: Lonove Pore Vacuum, $24 (was $29);

This gadget is basically a mini vacuum-type device that suctions oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria from blackheads on your face. The tool comes with adjustable suction settings (five levels to be exact!) and four interchangeable probes to address a number of skin issues, including blackheads, enlarged pores, scarring, and even loose skin. It even features an LED display so you can easily see the suction and battery level, and the tool holds a single charge for over 150 minutes, so you can easily travel with it and leave the charger at home.

Over 3,000 Amazon shoppers have awarded it a five-star rating, calling it a "powerful little device" that gives "unbelievable results," and that they were "disgusted in a good way" after seeing just how much gunk came out of their pores.

One reviewer wrote, "Holy cow! I have been getting schmancy facials since I was 12 (I know I am a monster) I’ve had stubborn black heads stuck on my chin and around my lips and nose that have never gone away. In 2 minutes they where gone!"

"This thing is GOLD," raved another. "$30 well spent!! I have bad blackheads and comedones and this thing has helped tremendously. My skin hasn’t felt this smooth in 10 years. Not to mention my makeup has been smoother too 😍😍"

"I just purchased this yesterday, used it last night and am extremely happy with the results, already! For one, the amount of blackheads that were removed in a matter of minutes was astounding. Two, it was extremely easy to use and was charged prior to delivery so that I was able to use it immediately. Three, my skin is smother and brighter with just one use. I cant wait to see what the results will be after a month," said a happy customer.

Reviewers were unanimous, though, and recommend that you either invest in a facial steamer or take a hot shower prior to using the Lonove Pore Vacuum to ensure pores are properly open and to lower risk of bruising and skin damage. (While some bruising is reported on the higher levels of suction, shoppers promise it'll go away.)

While the Lonove Pore Vacuum is usually pretty affordable at its under-$30 price tag, you can score it for even less during Amazon Prime Day 2020. Shop it for just $24 right now until midnight—and be on your way to flawless, poreless skin by the weekend, thanks to free 2-day Prime shipping.

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