The Kleem Organics Serum That Tackles Everything from Wrinkles to Acne Is on Sale—But Only for a Few More Hours

“I truly feel like my face looks younger, my skin looks smoother, [and] the fine lines are fading.”
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It feels like the Internet has a new miracle anti-aging ingredient every day; think of the rises of niacinamide, snail mucin, squalane, and so on. But when it comes to the ingredients that dermatologists always recommend adding to your routine, there's one time-tested favorite: vitamin C

The skincare powerhouse is touted for its ability to simultaneously reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize pores, stimulate collagen production, clear breakouts, and brighten the skin—all in just one treatment. And if it sounds too good to be true, look no further than Kleem Organics Professional Age-Defying Vitamin C Serum (2 for $20;

The popular treatment has more than 3,800 perfect reviews from shoppers who rave it's helped with a wide range of skin concerns, from dark spots to dry skin. Its lightweight formula is aloe vera-based, rather than water-based, which gives the serum a creamy texture that more easily absorbs into the skin. Plus, it's packed with hyaluronic acid to better retain moisture. 

The final product is an affordable yet effective serum that's not only vegan, but also free of parabens and sulfates, too (if that's a requirement for your beauty products). And it's not just the formula that's top-notch: Even the packaging is carefully considered, with an airless pump that preserves the integrity of the ingredients over time. 

All things considered, it's clear why shoppers are stocking up. The serum is easy to integrate into your daily routine and doubles as a lightweight moisturizer to prep skin before makeup. Better yet, reviewers say it actually delivers results with a reviewer deeming it a "little miracle maker."

"I was fully prepared to give a blah review of this product," wrote one shopper. "It's a little sticky, there doesn't seem to be a ton in the bottle, etc. But after 3 weeks of use and figuring out how much to use and how to apply… it's wonderful. I truly feel like my face looks younger, my skin looks smoother, [and] the fine lines are fading. Even after a long weekend, after which my skin typically looks ashen and unhealthy, I looked refreshed." 

Another reviewer agreed: "I have a lot of sun damage with more than my share of dark age spots, and this product has lightened them up considerably. My skin is also smoother and more supple. I am hooked on this serum. I am currently on my second bottle—and I will be reordering."

Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum
Credit: Amazon

And they're not the only ones stocking up: Several other shoppers wrote they keep extra bottles on hand to ensure they never run out. Luckily, there's never been a better time to add a bottle (or two) to the collection. That's because the anti-aging serum is currently on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day 2020, which drops the price for 2 bottles to just $20. But you'll want to act fast: The sale ends tonight and takes this unbeatable price with it.

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