Cut Video promised that more versions of their viral hit featuring women and men from different racial backgrounds were to come. The next installment is here and it's as fun and fascinating as the first one.

We’ve already seen (and loved!) the enthralling video of a model transformed through 11 decades of hair and makeup styles in just a minute. But it left out a bunch of super cool styles—namely, the ones that have been popular over the years among women of color.

Cut Video promised from the start that more versions of their original viral hit featuring women and men from different racial backgrounds were to come, and the above new video is as fascinating and fun as the first one.

Hair stylists and makeup artists take the model, Marshay, on a journey from the 1910s to today, featuring everything from a fun beehive in the '60s to the popular box braids of the '90s.

The video ends up being an awesome jaunt through increasingly expressive black beauty trends in America, with the plain makeup and simple bun of 1910 quickly giving way to a fun flapper style, reflective of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance. The '70s feature a massive Diana Ross-style afro, with Marshay adding a Black Power fist to complete the look. We have to say, we love the current day look where she embraces her natural texture.

Cut even released a side-by-side video with the original version so you can really get a full century’s worth of beauty ideas.

So what do you think they'll tackle next? Maybe it's time for the guys to get their turn—we can't wait to see how they'll take a dude from the '90s bowl cut to the slicked back Hipster hair (à la Macklemore) of today.