This ‘80s fashion trend has officially made a comeback.

February 14, 2019
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Scrunchies were the hair accessory of the ‘80s. And as all trends do, they’ve made a comeback (think flare jeans, chokers, and high-waisted everything).

So, how exactly do you style a scrunchie for 2019? To save you from having to ask your mom (and then listening to her reminisce on the ‘80s for an hour), we asked celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa to break it down.

First, part your hair from the arch of your eyebrows to the crown of your head on both sides. Then, divide the hair you’re holding into three equal sections. Loosely French braid the hair back to the crown, and then pull the strands to loosen the braid. Twist the tail of the braid into a bun, and secure with a scrunchie. Just like that, you’re ready to go!

Ready to try this style? We love that Slip Silk Scrunchies ($39 for 3; won’t tug on strands thanks to their silky material. Another great option: Invisibobble Sprunchies ($8; are made of velvet fabric around the brand’s signature twisted band, which delivers great grip to hold your ponytail securely in place.

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