The Pretty Little Liars star is not here for negativity.

By Kelly Bryant, InStyle
Updated July 19, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

Last year Sasha Pieterse addressed her fluctuating weight on social media, revealing that she has been dealing with a hormonal imbalance that has impacted her weight. The PLL star didn’t have to share this very personal medical information with the world, but she chose to, and the resulting aftermath hasn’t all been kind.

Pieterse admits that she has received some support from fans and even those within the entertainment industry, but she’s still surprised by how many body shamers continue to rip her apart. In an effort to spread a little love, a positive message, and a reminder that, yes, celebrities do read the hateful things people say about them, she took to her social media accounts to share a very thoughtful post.

So be kind to others and yourself.

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