Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa's Fave Winter Hairstyle Only Takes 10 Minutes—Here's How to Get the Look

Trendy waves we'll be wearing all winter long.

Move over, beachy waves. Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa is here to show us how to make winter waves work all season long. Potempa’s 10-minute method is simple enough to do at home, so no salon trip is required. Take a look at her tutorial above to see exactly how it’s done.

Potempa starts by blow-drying hair and spraying heat protectant evenly around the head, before sectioning it off into a top and bottom part. Using a basic barrel curling iron, she explains that this look is best when the hair is curled away from the face, depending on which side you’re curling. She recommends curling the hair section by section, allowing each piece to cool after. By letting each section to cool, you’ll be able to make your curl last longer—especially if your hair tends to fall flat.

Depending on your hair’s thickness, you can part your hair into three horizontal sections to help ensure that you’re covering your entire head. Potempa mentions that the more ends you leave out while curling, the looser your curls will look. To save time with the curling process, you can skip curling whatever hair you plan to put in a bun later.

You aren’t limited to a curling iron to get your waves, she adds. On the top section, Potempa demonstrates how to get a loose wave by using a flat iron. She recommends taking a few pieces of hair out near the front of your head to add more texture around the hairline before pulling the hair back into a half-up ponytail.

Using a half-up tool, she groups the hair together into one section. Potempa pulls the tool down near the end of the model’s hair before rolling the section up around the tool. Once the hair is all rolled up at the base of her head, she bends the half-up tool in on itself to create a bun.

Potempa then runs her hand through the curls to give hair a soft, wavy look before revisiting the loose locks near the front of the head. She starts at the root of her hair, twisting the flat iron back and forth as she moves down each section.

As a finishing touch, Potempa adds a velvet scrunchie to the bun to give the look one final touch of winter glam. We’ll be wearing this to every event this winter, thank you very much.

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