Updated: December 08, 2016

What’s the easiest way to ruin a day in the great outdoors? Sunburns, scrapes, and mosquito bites top our list. Three remedies worth trying:

Cooling cucumber extract. Skin experts say its chilly, anti-inflammatory properties soothe sunburn pain and moisturize peeling skin. (Now you know why cold cucumbers are good for dark circles under your eyes!) Try Synergy Scents Cucumber Extract ($6.50;

Truly sticky bandages. Typical stick-ons for scrapes may slide or fall off when they get wet. Nexcare’s Waterproof Clear Bandages ($3.49; drugstores nationwide) have a diamond shape that binds to your boo-boos and won’t budge. (Just be sure to change the bandage every day or so.)

Handy bug wipes. They’re the best way to apply repellent to your neck and face without inhaling it or spraying it in your eyes. Try OFF! FamilyCare Towelettes ($5.29; with the chemical DEET or Natrapel 8-Hour DEET-Free Wipes ($5.99;