In this video we show you three eye makeup options to make your red lip look really pop.


We love a bold red lip. The classic look is both sophisticated and sexy, and, contrary to popular belief, a bright lip doesn’t always need to be paired with an otherwise neutral face. In fact, red lipstick pairs with plenty of different looks, like a cat eye or bright gold eyeshadow. In this video, we’ll show you how to wear your tried-and-true red lip with three different types of eye makeup.

Before you get started on your eyes, though, you have to get your red lips right first. Start by lining them with a red lip liner, then fill in the center also using the liner. Next, top the lips with a red lipstick. And voila! Red lips, done. Now you just have to choose which makeup look to pair them with. Here, three options we love.

Cat eye

Use black eyeliner to draw a diagonal line extending from the outer corner of the eye. Use the same pencil to then line your lash line. Next draw a second diagonal line extending from the outer corner of the eye at a slightly higher angle to create a small triangle with the lower line. Using your eyeliner, fill in the triangle to complete your sultry cat eye look.

Neutral eye

Apply bronzer to the eyelids and below the lower lash line. Use a soft brush to blend the product. Next add mascara to your bottom and top lashes for a subtle but sultry look.

Bold gold

Apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow to the eyelids, then blend the outer corners with a neutral-colored shadow. Add an extra layer of shimmery shadow to the bottom lash line. Finish off the eye-brightening look with a quick swipe of mascara on the bottom and top lashes.