This Reality Star Almost Didn't Post a Photo With Her Baby—Because of Her Stretch Marks

She decided to hit share—here's why.

Bachelor alum Jade Roper Tolbert was brave enough to put her love life on national television. But when it came to posting a social media photo of herself and her baby that she felt highlighted a post-pregnancy body flaw, she had to talk herself into hitting the share button.

In an Instagram photo from last week, Tolbert explained how she held back from posting the image, which had her beaming as she holds her daughter, Emmy.

“Almost didn't post this cuz of the stretch marks on my hips (from pregnancy), but then I was like wait, that's silly, we are cute AF,” she captioned the photo, which shows the mother-daughter duo in coordinating pink one-pieces.

While many were supportive of her decision to embrace her stretch marks, others expressed their disapproval. In an updated version of the post, Tolbert addressed those who were critical of her message.

“To those leaving eye roll emojis and telling me I’m what’s wrong with body image issues—telling me my stretch marks aren’t good enough for you for me to be self-conscious about them is what is wrong with body image issues.”

This isn’t the first time Tolbert has been vulnerable on Instagram. Along with selfies and photos with Emmy and her husband Tanner, she regularly shares messages about how her body and skin have changed since giving birth. Back in December, she talked about another moment when she almost felt too insecure to post.

“One thing I've noticed is how much collagen loss in my face there is and how my skin has changed,” she captioned a photo. “It's something I stared at in this picture, and it almost made me not post it out of feeling less than."

"But it's funny, because when I jump out of that mind-frame, I remind myself I've never loved myself or my body more (I can honestly say that's true) since it gave me Emerson," she continued. "Such a [newfound] respect for my body even through all the changes. Our bodies are amazing.”

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