Credit: Perry Hagopian

Perry HagopianEveryone looks better in candlelight. But until the world's fluorescent lights are replaced with votives, we need an easy way to fake that gorgeous glow. Enter fall's hot new makeup look: a wash of gleaming satin-finish shades that give you the same soft radiance.

'The look of satin-finish makeup is really modern, and the reflective quality actually diminishes the appearance of fine lines,' notes Sarah Lucero, Stila celebrity makeup artist.

Plus, the new formulas and colors are so sheer, 'you can use them all over your face-eyes, cheeks, lips-simultaneously, without it looking as if your features are competing for attention,' says Dick Page, Shiseido makeup artistic director.

Read on for tricks and product picks to help you pull off two great versions of the look: a subtle take for day and a richer, more dramatic one for night.


Prep lids first
Before applying shadow, tap a small dab of foundation or eye shadow primer-try Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion ($18; lash lines to creases. This helps color last longer and prevents creams from creasing by absorbing your skin's natural oils.

Pick one color family
'You want an all-over, soft, velvety finish with a gradation of color, not contrasting shades,' Lucero explains. Working with liquid or cream shadows, apply a light shade as a base from lash lines almost to brows, then blend a slightly darker hue along creases and-if you want extra definition-an even darker color along lash lines.

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Go natural
The goal: a subtle, graduated flush of color across your cheeks, Lucero says. Smile, then apply a cream blush right onto the apples of your cheeks, using the pads of your index and middle fingers. Blend in a circular motion until the color diffuses, leaving behind a natural glow.

Set for staying power
To make blush last longer, dust over it with a powder that has a subtle sheen. 'I like to use a loose powder that has a reflective quality to it,' Page advises. Try Laura Mercier Loose Shimmer Powder ($34;


Pick the perfect formula
For glistening lips, choose a sheer lipstick or creamy lip crayon. Steer clear of goopy glosses (too much shine detracts from the sheen on eyes and cheeks), and avoid formulas with visible flecks of glitter.

Keep it neat
Satiny lip products can easily smear around the edges of your lips, so apply lipstick with a brush for precision (crayons can be applied directly). And don't blot the color; you want it to sit on top of your lips for a reflective finish, Page says.