I got all of my friends hooked on it, too.

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I'll admit it: I have damn nice eyelashes. I've always gotten compliments on how long and curly they are from random passerby. As a result, I've never relied on a particular mascara to give me longer, fuller looking ones. To me, every mascara, whether drugstore or high-end, offered the same result and simply defined my lashes a little bit more.

Then, my friend gave me a sample of her favorite mascara, PUR Fully Charged Mascara ($22; amazon.com, kohls.com, or hsn.com), and my life changed. With just one swipe, the formula plumped and extended my lashes like never before. When I added another coat (because you can never have too much mascara, in my opinion) my lashes looked out-of-this-world volumized. After putting my eyeglasses on, these things were so long they touched the freakin' glass, I kid you not. I even questioned if my lashes were doing too much, but decided to go to work with them fully made up.

Credit: Julia Naftulin

After one coat of PUR Fully Charged mascara.

At the office, my friend and co-worker stopped me in the hallway. "Are you wearing eyelash extensions?" she asked. Nope. Just my PUR mascara, I told her. She went back to her desk and purchased her own tube of the stuff right then and there. The following week, she came to work wearing PUR. "This stuff is incredible!" she exclaimed, adding that she suggested all of her roommates buy it ASAP.

Credit: Julia Naftulin

After two coats.

According the PUR's website, the Fully Charged Mascara gets its lash superpowers from a "magnetic polymer matrix." Charged particles in the formula lift and separate each lash on your eyeball for a perfectly defined look. While this technology sounds a bit hokey, trying this mascara one time has made me a die-hard fan. Although it's pricier than drugstore mascaras, it's worth it for the amazing volume and definition it provides.

Reviewers agree: "In my 41 years I’ve worn a lot of mascara and this is hands down the best I’ve tried. Never clumps and my lashes look amazing!" said one Amazon purchaser.

Whenever a friend or colleague compliments my lashes, I always tell them my secret. And now, at least five of my friends have purchased their own tube.