This Mega-Popular Eyelash Serum Transformed My Lashes—and It's 70% Off Right Now

Get the lashes of your dreams for just $30.

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Whenever I purchase a highly-reviewed product online, I can't help feeling very skeptical (but still hopeful) that it'll actually live up to its claims. So when I finally decided to take the plunge on the Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash serum ($30, marked down from $100; that I'd been hearing about everywhere, I was pleasantly surprised (read: utterly shocked) when I found that after just a month of use, it certainly lived up to the hype.

I've always tried taking care of my lashes, but when I noticed a few extra lashes falling out (and looking extra short and stubby) after wearing mascara too many days in a row, it was the push I needed to purchase the Lavish Lash I'd been eyeing. I was unsure of how to use the serum at first, but after the first few days, I got the hang of swiping a thin line of the serum on the top of my eyelashes before bed each night. Even if I accidentally got some into my eye, it didn't burn (like some other lash serums I've tried in the past) or cause irritation on my skin.

After a few weeks of daily use, I noticed that my mascara seemed to glide on easier in the morning—I no longer felt like I had to waste time applying multiple swipes (and getting it on at just the right angle). Instead, the mascara brush glided smoothly over my lashes, and I realized it was because they felt soft and hydrated, and were gradually lengthening.

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To buy: Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash Serum, $30 (marked down from $100);

Ever since then, I was hooked. I became devoted to applying my serum at night, and in combination with my absolute favorite mascara, Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash ($27;, my lashes looked full, healthy, and longer than ever. On days where I take the time to use an eyelash curler and apply the super lengthening Benefit mascara, I've even had people ask me if I have eyelash extensions.

What's more, the Lavish Lash formula uses natural, botanically-derived ingredients that I don't feel uncomfortable putting around my eyes—like biotin and hyaluronic acid. It's also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and safe for sensitive skin (which I can attest to, since it doesn't burn or irritate my eyes or skin).

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It's easy to see why the growth serum has garnered nearly 13,000 positive customer reviews on Amazon. Many reviewers have compared it to Rodan and Fields' lash booster and say it works even better (and at a much lower price). One user called it a "miracle in a bottle," while another said they're "a skeptic no more." It's even one of the best-selling products across Amazon's entire makeup category.

And if you're still skeptical, take the word from real customers who rave about it—many people included before-and-after photos in their reviews, like the ones below, to show just how well the serum works.

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The best part? Even though Prime Day is over, you can still get this cult-favorite lash serum for a whopping 70% off on Amazon right now—just $30—when it's normally $100 a pop. Thank you, Amazon, for making our long lash dreams possible (and affordable).

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