I always have a hard time choosing gifts for those friends who seem to have everything. I want to treat them to something they wouldn't normally buy for themselves, so beauty products or treatments are often a great option. The only problem is that a pricy facial scrub can look a little, well, dinky once it's all wrapped up.

Pangea's new Radiance Gift Set ($100; looks impressive on its own—but you're in for a real surprise once you read the fine print. The set comes in a cardboard box, which, when planted, grows into a spruce tree.

I know, I know. I didn't believe that a box could sprout a tree either. The package is made from 100% postconsumer newsprint and it doesn't include any glues or dyes. Simply soak it in water for one minute before planting it 1-inch deep in soil. I'm going to plant mine this weekend, and while I'm not holding my breath for something that will shade me from the summer sun, I wouldn't mind a little greenery to perk up my apartment.

If the tree's not enough of a wow factor for you, the products are fantastic too. The set includes a gentle facial cleanser laced with Egyptian calendula and blood orange; a cranberry scrub; a deep-cleansing goji-berry mask; lip balm; and Pangea's newest eye cream. I'm partial to the scrub, as the sticky summer air leaves my pores seriously clogged. In fact, I like it so much that I may keep the skin care and just gift the box—a spruce tree is really a gift in and of itself, right?