I Tried Overtone's Rose Gold Hair Dye at Home—and I'm Obsessed with the Results

No more trips to the salon needed.

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The last time I dyed my hair a bright color, I was 14 years old and using a box of hot pink Splat. While my hair was extremely pink at first, it developed into a strange orange hue just one week later (presumably from the bleach I used), and I was left with nothing but damaged ends and a ton of regret. Since then, I've completely avoided DIY dye jobs and solely relied on professionals for any hair coloring needs.

But after noticing the recent trend of rose gold hair, I suddenly had the urge to shake things up again. While I knew going to the salon was my safest bet, those trips can be costly, and I wasn't totally sure I was ready to commit to something other than my usual blonde highlights.

That's where Overtone's Rose Gold for Brown Hair Complete System came into the picture. The set includes a coloring conditioner—the part that actually dyes your hair the color of your choice—along with a daily conditioner to maintain vibrancy after the initial color treatment and a travel-sized bottle of the daily conditioner.

Unlike some other semi-permanent at-home hair dyes, Overtone doesn't include damaging agents, and instead gently deposits color onto strands without stripping the natural moisture. The vegan formula is free of any ammonias, parabens, or sulfates, and uses ingredients like coconut oil and avocado oil to stimulate hair growth and keep your locks lush (and non-damaged) after use. Plus, the fact that I'd be able to apply the color from the comfort of my own home seemed like a no-brainer to me, so I decided to take the plunge.

Since it's been some time since my last trip to the salon and my natural brown color had started to grow in, I opted for the Rose Gold for Brown Hair color system instead of the Original Rose Gold set in the hopes I would get the intensity I desired. Wearing gloves (It will stain your hands!) I applied the coloring conditioner to clean, dry hair in the form of a 'balayage' by sectioning my hair off and choosing alternating strands to dye using only my hands. The result was a highly-pigmented, bold pink color on the ends of my still-blonde strands, and a softer, more subtle hue of rose gold on the deeper brown ends.

Maya Gandara

Besides the ease of application, what really impressed me was the length of time it took to achieve the results. I left the coloring conditioner on for just 10 minutes before rinsing, but it still revealed a super vivid, non-brassy rose gold color. My locks felt just as soft as before, and I knew I could easily go back and add more color if I wanted to up the intensity of the new shade.

Since the Overtone at-home color system fades overtime, you can choose to stop refreshing your color and let your natural shade slowly come back over time (no strange orange hues here!) Otherwise, keep using the daily conditioner (included in the complete system) to ensure the color lasts as long as you please. It's a quick, budget-friendly way to change up your hair without fully committing to permanency.

Overtone Rose Gold Dye - Embed

To buy: Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair Complete System, $47, overtone.co

While I'm not sure I'll stick with this color for a long time, I still love it for now—so I'm continuing to use the daily conditioner every time I wash my hair, along with my regular shampoo, to keep my color vibrant. Plus, testing Overtone has peaked my interest in potentially trying some of the brand's other colors in the future, especially since Overtone's coloring conditioners can be blended together to create the perfect, customized shade.

If you're itching for a change in your look like I was, give this harmless, inexpensive route a try. And if you're still on the fence, you can even try testing samples of any color before diving fully in.

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