Updated: December 08, 2016

On an emergency trip to the Laura Geller Makeup Studio in NYC, brow specialist Luba Todorova, fixed my latest magnifying mirror disaster with the flick of a brow pencil. Her first rule of thumb: don’t try plucking the other side to match. It will only make the re-growth process longer and will most likely end in an even bigger oops moment.

You can create the illusion of evenness by filling in gaps with a brow pencil. Use a soft-textured brow pencil to draw short, feathery strokes in sparse areas, then blend with a brow brush. If you’re not sure what shade to choose, go for taupe—it’s universal.

Don’t have a brow pencil on hand? Slick brow hairs together on the fuller side with a thin layer of clear lip balm or petroleum jelly. Share your story: What's your biggest beauty oops!?

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