It—no joke—gives immediate results.

By Nikhita Mahtani
September 19, 2019
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Most people classify their skin type as normal, dry, sensitive, or oily—but unfortunately, I don’t fit into any one category. While I can’t say I have huge issues with acne or breakouts currently (my teenage years, however, were a completely different story), I am plagued with oily skin that’s also really sensitive. If I make the mistake of using a beauty product with harsh ingredients, my face basically freaks out, resulting in dull, dead skin and blackheads. Ugh, the worst.

Since my skin is so temperamental, I can’t handle complicated treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion (pray for me): They leave me red for days, and I sometimes even get rashes and peeling skin that stick around for weeks. Often times, the dead skin does disappear—thanks to these harsher treatments—but the treatments are honestly not worth the cost or trauma to my skin, especially for temporary results.

My face and I had both had enough, so I began to hunt for a gentler, at-home option that I could use a bi-weekly to tackle my finicky skin. I decided to try an exfoliating face mask, because it seemed like something I could easily incorporate into my routine. But finding the perfect one was tough, as some masks contain sensitive skin aggressors like pumice crystals and alpha hydroxy acid—both of these ingredients are complete no-nos for skin like mine, since they would just leave it red and splotchy.

Enter: Odacite Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Mask ($64;, a skin hero boasting activated charcoal, fruit enzymes, clay, probiotics and vitamin C to suck out impurities, reduce oiliness, exfoliate, firm, and brighten skin, while minimizing the appearance of pores and ensuring a radiant, blemish-free complexion. Let me tell you, I was completely hooked. Although the mask doesn’t specify that it’s for sensitive skin, the ingredient list is free of harsh chemicals—including as sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc—that would typically leave me feeling like my face had just been hit by a truck. It’s perfect for anybody looking for a results-oriented exfoliating face mask that’s clean, effective, and safe for sensitive skin.

The mask is also unique because it doesn’t have the traditional texture of a face mask. Rather, it’s a powder that you can combine with a number of different liquids, depending on your needs. Mixing it with water will exfoliate, adding facial oil will hydrate, and using apple cider vinegar will decongest particularly troubled skin. The brand suggests one teaspoon of liquid for one and a half teaspoons of the powder, so you’ll end up with a fairly light mixture that easily spreads without being too cakey. The mask also comes with its own brush for mixing and application, so you hardly have to get your hands dirty—a true lifesaver, in my opinion! After applying, simply leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off, and proceed with your normal skincare routine as usual.


While the price tag might be a bit steep, it’s totally worth it. Not only are you getting a ton of good-for-your-skin benefits with a single mask, but it also promises to have effects from the very first application—which, I admit, I didn’t entirely believe at first. But wow, was I wrong. After applying it the first time, my skin appeared visibly brighter, and I saw the number of blackheads on my nose drastically reduce. The best part? Aside from a minimal pink tinge that disappeared after 15 minutes, my skin was completely unaffected by the treatment—as in, no crazy, I-can’t-go-out-in-public reaction. This was a far cry from the results of the other masks I had been using, and I definitely wasn’t prepared to see such incredible results this fast. A word of warning, though: Using the mask more than twice a week left my skin fairly dry, so you may want to use it once a week if you have dry skin. However, if you have oily skin, get your credit card ready.

On the fence? I’m not the only one singing this product’s praises. One reviewer wrote, “Started using this product and I struggled with large pores and not so healthy skin. I noticed within 2 weeks a difference in how my skin looked and felt. It is the best face product line I’ve found. It’s a must try!” Beauty blogger Lorena Garcia of Call Me Lore also raved about what a quadruple threat it is. “It purifies, brightens, peels, and firms! It really is an all-in-one mask!” she shared. And yet another fan uses the mask as a creative way to kill stink pits—seriously!

I’ve been using the mask for six months now, and it’s given me consistent results each time—through changing seasons, hormonal swings, and travel. It’s the only mask I’ve found that really zaps my blackheads and leaves my skin glowing, to the point that I’ve started getting tons of compliments on it. I guess my old way of thinking—that a product needs to be harsh for me to see actual results—was simply untrue, and I’m so glad I was proven wrong.

If you had told me a year ago that I would find my holy grail skincare product, I wouldn’t have believed you. But Odacite Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Mask has been a total godsend for my oily, sensitive skin. As for my blackheads? They've pretty much ghosted my face.

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