Beat frizz, limp strands and general style anxiety with these pretty (easy!) dos

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Getty Images1. Beachy waves
Good news if you're landlocked: You can fake that swimsuit-model tousled look without going near the surf. You don't even need a curling iron.

Hair you go!
Pick up a sea-salt styling spray, or make your own with this recipe from Mario Russo, a Boston salon owner and stylist: Fill an 8-ounce spray bottle with water, add a few tablespoons of sea salt and a drop of conditioner and shake it up. Mist over towel-dried hair, then twist strands into a high bun and let air-dry. In a few hours, take it down; you'll have a head full of gorgeous loose waves. (Sleep in the twist to save time in the a.m.) If your hair is short, make a few small, loose coils lower on your head to add movement with less volume up top. Finish with a spritz or two of light-hold hairspray.

Hot tip
Already got curly or wavy hair? The bun-setting technique will give you a pretty, more defined wave pattern. Just prep with your go-to curl cream before the salt spray to avoid frizz.

2. Polished pony
We may rely on the ponytail during our most unglamorous times—like when we're running errands—but it's easy to step up this low-key look. "A sideswept style is versatile enough to go from the beach to a night out," Russo says.

Hair you go!
Make a deep side part, using the arch of your brow as a guide. If your hair is straight, smooth it with a boar-bristle brush before pulling it back to get hair totally sleek, recommends New York City stylist Casey Geren. If you have waves or curls, keep the pony more undone. Secure at the nape of your neck with an elastic. Then take a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the base and tuck it in with bobby pins. Pull out loose wisps around your face for that breezy effect. On high-temp days, finish with a mist of humidity-resistant hairspray to ward off fluffiness and frizz.

Hot tip
If your hair still gets fuzzy hours later, rub a dab of hand cream on your palms and glide over hair.

3. Mini twists
You can pull off this romantic reinvention of the half-up hairstyle in less time than it takes to find your flip-flops—and it looks great with all hair lengths and textures.

Hair you go!
Spritz strands with a dry shampoo to add body, then make a center or slightly off-center part. Grab a 1-inch section of hair from your hairline, twist it back and pin at your crown, says celebrity stylist Jet Rhys. Make an X with two bobby pins for extra hold. (Note: The jagged edges of the bobbies should face down.) Repeat on the other side. Don't worry about being too symmetrical, adds Los Angeles stylist Marcus Francis: "The end result should look effortless."

Hot tip
To change it up, wind two small sections of hair around each other, or make tiny braids.

4. Spiked lite
Never does short hair feel more liberating than in the summertime, so have fun with yours while all your long-haired friends figure out how to get theirs off their necks.

Hair you go!
Rub a dime-size amount of matte wax between your fingers, or use pomade for a glossier finish. Rake through hair in different directions. "The key is using your fingertips, not your whole hand, to keep the look light and piecey," says New York City stylist Adam Maclay.

Hot tip
For a more subtle look, gently pinch out strands just between your temples and crown.

5. Messy-sexy bun
This goof-proof style is great whether you're heading out after work or running around town in yoga capris. Bonus: Your hair is away from your face, so it won't get oily from sweat or sunscreen.

Hair you go!
Mist a texturizing spray all over dry hair. "Like dry shampoo, it's a quick cheat to get fullness and body—and it also absorbs oil until your next wash," Geren says. Flip your head over, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic. Using a teasing comb, back-brush the ponytail, then wrap it in a circle around its base and tuck in a few bobby pins.

Hot tip
If your hair has flopped or frizzed out, pull it into a high-high ponytail, make a braid, twist it and pin for cute going-out hair in a flash.