I have to admit: I was never a big fan of the PedEgg ($10;, the foot exfoliator you see being sold on television. I thought it was just another beauty gimmick—until I gave it a try.

Im the type of girl who, 24 hours after a getting a pedicure, needs another go at exfoliating her feet. Loaded with 135 little micro files, the PedEgg has become my dry-heel solution by gently removing calluses and dead skin with a few easy swipes. At first it looks scary, since you're dragging what looks like little razor blades over your already dry, flaky skin! But the blades are harmless, and as you rub the bottoms of your feet, dead skin literally flakes off and collects in the eggs little storage compartment; when you lift open the plastic egg, it looks like white ash. Warning: Open the egg very slowly or youll run the risk of having your dead skin fly all over the place—ewww. The product is shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, which makes “pedding" my feet while watching TV or reading an easy thing to do.

No surprise: It wasnt long before another version of this beauty tool hit the market. Dr. Scholls For Her Smooth My Sole ($10; works on the same premise, only it has a translucent cover that allows you to see the skin thats been removed (so no PediEggs spillage issue). Both products contain smoothing buff pads to use as the final step to your foot treatment. Probably the best $20 Ive ever spent on two beauty products in a very long time.

Why dont you give one a try and email your thoughts to me?