A little color can go a long way.

Unless you’re a makeup guru, adding anything besides basic, neutral colors can be risky. But a pop of color doesn’t mean you’ll look like you’re heading to a nightclub. A hint of color in the right places can add a little dimension and a lot of fun. Makeup artist Nam Vo is here to show you exactly how to get that perfect burst of color for a playful spin on your everyday look.

Start by applying concealer in the center of your face, making V-shapes underneath your eyes, and then draw a line down your nose. Blend the concealer outward. Next, apply concealer to the rest of your face as necessary and blend to create an even skin tone, using small, circular motions. Set the face with a skin tone-colored powder.

Prime your eyes with concealer, covering the entire eyelid and brow bone. Apply a honey-colored eyeshadow to the eyelid, brushing the color from the lash line and blending it upward. Apply a nude shade of eyeshadow in the eye crease, blending it from the inside and moving outward. Add mascara to the eyelashes to add more dimension to your eyes.

For an extra pop of color, apply a pink eyeliner to the lower lash line, applying the color on the inner eyelash. Add a little highlighter to the cheekbones, applying in a C-shape around the outer eye and eyebrow. Blend out your highlighter before adding bronzer to your hairline and lower cheekbone, blending in both for a natural, seamless contour.

Add a rosy pink blush to the cheeks, blending outward for a natural blush look. For a few finishing touches, dab a bit of brow gel on your eyebrows, and blend everything together one last time.

Complete the look with a sheer, peachy lip gloss over the top and bottom lip, and blend a nude, shimmering gloss to the center of the upper and lower lip. You now have a natural look with a burst of color to draw just the right amount of attention to your features—perfect for daytime or night.

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