A sweet nickname for a skin issue we all deal with.

Watermelon is everywhere in the summer. Thanks to revealing shorts and swimsuits, so is cellulite. And considering that the outside of a watermelon rind has marks that kind of resemble stretch marks and dimpled skin, one body positivity activist put the two together and start cheekily referring to her own cellulite and stretch marks as her "watermelon stripes."

Last month, 33-year-old model KhrystyAna Kazakova, clad in a high-waisted striped bikini that showed off the skin of her thighs, took to Instagram to explain this new term of endearment and the body-loving message behind it.

“They say ‘you are what you eat’ … well … here you go and these are my watermelon stripes,” she wrote, captioning the photo. “And I love the way they feel, the way [they] look and move!!!”

For even more emphasis on what some would consider skin imperfections, Kazakova posted a zoomed-in version of the image. She later encouraged others to show off their own watermelon stripes, ending with the hashtags “#loveyourbody” and “#everybody is a #beachbody.”

Best known for appearing on Cycle 24 of America’s Next Top Model, Kazakova tells Health that her reality show days inspired her fruity nickname. “People have been watching me obsess over watermelons, especially after watching ANTM,” she says. “Possibly every episode had something to do with me and watermelons.”

Fans were sending Kazakova watermelon-themed memes—which she absolutely loved. So, she came up with an idea.

“Watermelon is my [favorite] food ever,” she says. But she loves her body too. “[It's] my favorite vehicle … and I love combining positivity and humor to my message since body positivity can sometimes be heavy and uneasy to digest for everyone.”

While some people might not be okay with others revealing their stretch marks or cellulite in public or think their own cellulite is not normal, everyone can get behind a summery treat, Kazakova believes.

“I want to reach people who are unaccepting of stretch marks, though [they’re] so lovable!” she says. “Doesn’t everyone love watermelons? So, they should all love stretch marks!”