Got oily skin? These washes cater towards your complexion and will leave your face feeling cleansed and clarified.

By Instyle Staff,
December 12, 2016

About a month ago, I heard the sad news that all the exfoliating face washes I've used with "microbeads" in them have been polluting the oceans and killing wildlife. Feeling a little like Captain Planet, I threw away my old face wash and thought long and hard about my next move. Naturally I consulted the skin-care genius, Marianne Mychaskiw. She directed me to a whole new world of face wash. Face wash that wasn't just the unisex brands you see in the drugstore, but brands that cater their formula to men's skin which is generally oilier and 20 to 30 percent thicker than women's skin.


This winter has been a disaster on my skin. My hands are all dry and cracked, no matter how much I lotion them. My humidifier hasn't been turned off since the holidays, and my face has been fluctuating from dry to oily on a daily basis. Since I have to lotion my face every day before I head out into the concrete tundra (where dreams are made of---sing it, Alicia!), I've had several breakouts. To combat this, I decided to try six different products that range in price from as little as $12 to as high as $36.


To clarify, these are cleansing face washes only. I don't want no scrubs.


Men's skin care is an expanding market and these six options alone are a small sampling of this new movement. At this point, men and women shouldn't have to share their face wash and argue over who gets to take the last drop. Our skin and our skin's needs are different, so find the one that matches yours.


How did I go a whole article without a Jay Z reference? Shout out to Hov.

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