Praying for an answer to puffy eyes? Fake eight hours of sleep with wide-awake eye makeup tricks.

•Start with a de-puffing eye gel—a daily dab will make a difference. Apply under the eyes and blend gently. Let it fully absorb and then use a concealer. Be sure to use a shade lighter than your foundation, preferably with a yellow undertone. It will work wonders on purple- and blue-tinted bags.

•Get you curl on! Use an eyelash curler to make your specs open wide. Follow up with two coats of mascara—be sure to wiggle the wand from side to side as you apply. Need to fight the clump? Rub the mascara brush on a tissue before coating lashes. Some eye brightening donts: Skip mascara on bottom eyelashes—it will help draw attention away from the bags. And avoid blue and purple eye shadow—they accentuate dark circles.

•Highlight! Use light-colored (think gold or champagne) or shimmery eyeliner in the corner of your eyes closest to your nose to make them appear even wider.