I rarely leave the house without applying a quick swipe of mascara, so I was skeptical about a new product that promised to fatten up my light, wimpy eyelashes.

Neova Advanced Essential Lash is a non-prescription conditioner that you paint on your lash line every evening like an eyeliner. A patented copper complex—the mineral helps maintain hair health—promises to help strengthen thin and brittle lashes in as little as three weeks.

I diligently applied a few strokes each night and, to give it the rest test, I stopped wearing mascara. While I thought I saw a difference, I wasnt sure whether it was all in my head—that is, until a close friend commented on my newly full fringe. For the five years weve known each other, shes rarely seen me without my mascara, but over dinner last week she could have sworn my naked lashes looked lusher than ever.

Big lashes certainly don't come cheap—Essential Lash will set you back $140 per tube. But Neova promises their product will last for up to six months, and I certainly don't mind skipping my nightly eye makeup–remover routine.