Vanitymask.comAt least fifty new lip products make their way across my desk each week, so it takes a lot to get my attention. Imagine my surprise when I fell fan to a baby blue lip shade!

Called Dr. Kiss, this new lip balm was created by LA-based celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman (a sweetheart—when he was in town a few months ago he actually came up to our NYC offices and gave exhausted editors free brow makeovers). Im constantly applying balm to my pucker. Im the girl with a tub of Vaseline in every room of her house! But this super-hydrating stick, with its kukui nut oil and vitamins A, C & E, stays on my lips forever—and it even has a delicious vanilla taste.

Though light blue in the tube, Dr. Kiss goes on sheer pink for a slight hint of natural color (so no additional lipstick is necessary). Brett said he was inspired by the mood lipsticks of the 80s. Im inspired to wear his secret find all day long.