This celeb hack has been a game-changer.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated March 09, 2020
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Whether it’s anti-boob sweat powders or vitamin E oil for eyelash growth, anytime a celebrity lets us in on an unexpected life hack, it's always a valuable learning experience. In fact, it’s how I discovered the many uses of CBD. 

In a 2018 interview, Mandy Moore shared her secret to alleviating the inevitable discomfort brought on from wearing high heels on the red carpet—and it’s none other than the Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion. But Moore isn’t the only A-lister on board with the magical salve: Kristen Bell has called the CBD lotion one of her favorite things and Olivia Wilde is a fan, too. 

Admittedly, my social calendar is significantly lacking in red carpet events and movie premieres, which means I rarely have reason to break out a pair of heels higher than I can manage. I’ll also admit: My body no longer bounces back from workouts the way it used to, and some days, I wake up with nagging aches and pains without a clear understanding of their origins. I started to develop a much closer relationship with my heating pad, but when that wasn’t enough, I knew I needed to find a stronger remedy. So after hearing about the topical benefits of CBD cream, I decided it was time to give this celeb-approved hack a try for my own sore muscles. 

The first thing I noticed was how smoothly the Lord Jones lotion went on as I applied it. Unlike some CBD creams I had used before, it felt super hydrating and easily absorbed into my skin (likely because it’s formulated with natural elements, like shea butter). I put it to the test by applying it to my neck and shoulders first thing in the morning after a particularly Chaturanga-heavy yoga class, and felt immediate relief. 

High CBD Formula Body Lotion - Lord Jones
Credit: Sephora

The CBD-infused lotion is formulated with a derivative of menthol that creates a long-lasting cooling effect as soon as it’s applied. It felt a lot like the relief you’d get from a product like Icy Hot—my personal holy-grail during my high school days of cross country and swimming—but with all-natural ingredients, which is something I now care about. It’s safe to say I was immediately hooked. 

Since I first gave the celebrity-approved CBD lotion a try, it’s become a staple in my post-gym recovery routine. Aside from its uses as a hack to make high heels more tolerable (a la Mandy Moore) and ease muscle aches, the Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion also makes for a great “hand lotion, post-sun soother, cuticle caretaker, and body smoother,” according to the brand.

The CBD lotion I now swear by as my after-workout essential is available to shop at Sephora in its signature fragrance or a fragrance-free formula.

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