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Whether it's Friday night date, a special occasion, or you're just tired of cracked lips, whip your pout into tip-top shape with these affordable scrubs.

By Susan Brickell
March 21, 2019

Cracked, peeling, flaky? Chapped lips—whether from cold weather or compulsive lip licking—are the worst. Sometimes, no amount of lip balm is enough to soften a super dry pout.

You've probably been told that regular exfoliation of your face is key to maintaining a healthy glow. But did you know that exfoliation can also give you smoother lips? Using a physical scrub to remove dead, dull skin is important for lip health. Plus, lip scrubs help transform a dry, chapped pout into a perfectly smooth canvas for flawless balm, gloss, or lipstick application.

Even the roughest, driest lips are no match for these exfoliating and conditioning scrubs. Ready, set, pucker up.

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