This is the real deal, and I have not stopped telling other people about it.

By Lisa DeSantis
June 01, 2018
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I'm going to be honest about lip plumpers—I'm usually not the biggest fan. Luckily, I've never been one to get caught up in the "I want Kylie Jenner lips" mindset, but that's not to say I would turn down a new formula or gadget that hits my desk with the promise of fuller lips. In fact, I've even tried a light device for a bigger pout. But a new launch from Algenist is a legitimate game changer.

I met with the brand back in December to discuss upcoming launches. As a beauty editor, I'm usually left with a sample to test, but Algenist had just one lab sample since it was so early on in the pre-launch process. That meant my only chance to try the new lip plumper was in my meeting. Check out the results:

Credit: Lisa DeSantis

Long story short, I have been counting down the days until the product hit shelves ever since—and now it has!

Other lip plumpers often rely on mild irritants like cinnamon or menthol to temporarily cause a reaction, creating that faux fullness you crave. That's where the Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Lip ($35; differs. It's packed with plant collagen and the brand's proprietary ingredient: Alguronic Acid, which comes from microalgae.

Credit: courtesy of manufacturer

The dual-phase formula is dispensed through a cooling ceramic tip applicator, and while I did feel a little tingling, it's not as intense as with other plumpers I've tried. Because it's more of a treatment than a gloss—it's intended for twice daily use for long-term results—it doesn't have any sort of pigment or high-shine finish, leaving you with the choice of what you want to layer over top.

If you need further proof that this really works, I had a fellow beauty editor ask me a few hours after applying it if I had gotten my lips done! That was enough for me to give this little tube my stamp of approval. Even better than the immediate results: Lip lines will smooth over time, so that you're left with an overall more youthful looking kisser.